Accademia Monteverdiana CDs

Over the last fifty years the late Denis Stevens, most often with his Accademia Monteverdiana, has recorded music most of which is now available on the fifty-two compact discs listed below. The discs are US$15 each, including packaging and postage. Please order by AM number; as you will note, the CDs are for the most part numbered in approximate chronological order of their recording. Please be seriously advised that most of the recordings are old, that many of the performances are taken from live concerts, and that therefore the sound-quality varies. But the conducting and performances are passionate and dedicated, with none of the emotional detachment all too frequently in evidence today.

If you wish to order any of these items please contact us at and we will advise you regarding the sound-quality of the particular recording.

AM 1. Georg Telemann: Violin Concerto in F and Suite in D. Louis Kaufman is the violinist in the concerto; Sam Zilverberg is oboe-player and Fred Hausdoerfer trumpeter in the suite. Concert Hall Orchestra, DS conducting. Recorded in Hilversum, July 1952; released in USA as Concert Hall G-17. (52' 10")

AM 2 & 3. Vincenzo, a play by Henry Reed (1914-86) with incidental music arranged by Denis Stevens; offered on BBC Third Programme on March 29, 1955. (57' 30" & 63' 20")

AM 4. The Queen's House, Greenwich, a BBC Third Program presentation celebrating great manor houses of England, with music by Simpson, Gervaise, etc. April Cantelo, soprano, Academy of St. Martin's, D.S. conducting. Music at Penshurst Place, with music by Tessier, Ward, etc. Eilidh McNab, soprano; Grayston Burgess, countertenor; Edgar Fleet, tenor; John Carol-Case, bass; Brian Jeffrey, lute. June 1957. With vocal pieces by Thomas Tompkins. Pat Clark, Mary Thomas, John Whitworth, Edgar Fleet, Gerald English, John Frost, and the In nomine players conducted by DS. (71' 03")

AM 5. Same source and date: Knole, with Heather Harper, soprano; Charles Spinks, harpsichord; and the Allegri String Quartet. Chiswick House, with Gerald English, tenor; Roy Jesson, harpsichord; Sydney Humphries, violin; and the Aeolian String Quartet. (58' 21")

AM 6. Claudio Monteverdi: Il Ballo delle Ingrate and Il Combattimento di Tancredi e Clorinda. Pat Clark, Mary Thomas, Ann Dowdall, sopranos; Edgar Fleet, tenor; John Frost, bass. AM conducted by DS. Recorded on April 19, 1962 and February 26, 1961, respectively. Released as Expériences Anonymes 72. (58' 20")

AM 7. Claudio Monteverdi: "Magnificat" from Vespro della Beata Virgine (1610). Heather Harper, Mary Thomas, Wilfred Brown, David Gulliver, John Noble, Richard Standen, Anthony Lewis; Philharmonic. Recorded at a live concert in Westminster Abbey, 1961; conducted by DS. With Spirit of the Age, interview with DS by Christopher Page, BBC Radio 3, February 21, 1993.

AM 8. Valda Aveling at the harpsichord, playing Scarlatti Sonatas L. 500, 495, 8, 324, Supp. 3, 206, 33, and 164, recorded in 1970, and nine pieces from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, recorded in 1963. (64' 28")

AM 9. Cries of London, accompanied songs by Morley, Ravenscroft, Whytehorn, Tye, and Dering; Music in Honour of Queen Elizabeth, music by Bennet, Byrd, Johnson, Morley, and Hilton. Ambrosian Consort and Players conducted by DS. September 18-19, 1964. (42" 18")

AM 10. Music from Spain by Cabezon, Flecha, and anonymous composers; music by Sigismondo d'India. Ambrosian Consort, with Harold Lester at the harpsichord, conducted by DS. (68' 51")

AM 11. The Treasury of English Church Music, illustrating volume one of that series (London: Blandford, 1965), covering 1100-1545: music by Queldryk, Excetre, Damett, Dunstable, Frye, Cornyshe, and anonymous composers. With Missa de Santa Maria, an anonymous 13th-century Mass Ordinary from Spain. Ambrosian Singers, Consort, and Players, conducted by DS. May 27-28, 1965. (71' 17")

AM 12. Albicastro: Concerti in B-flat and B minor; William Boyce Concerti in B minor and B-flat. Orchestra of the AM conducted by DS. June 3, 1965. Originally issued as Penn State Music Series 103-S.

AM 13 & 14. Antonio Vivaldi: La Cetra, op. 9; twelve concerti performed by Orchestra of the AM, with Carl Pini, violin; John Tunnell, violin; Anthony Pini, cello; and Harold Lester, harpsichord. (59' 03" & 58' 56")

AM 15. Extracts from The Story of Great Music from the Renaissance, with music by Palestrina (Stabat Mater), Susato, Lassus, Frescobaldi, Gesualdo, Monteverdi ("Hor che'l ciel"), and Tallis ("Ecce tempus" and "Jesu salvator sæculi"). Ambrosian Singers, Consortium Musicum, Geraint Jones (organ), conducted by DS. September 14-15, 1966. Originally issued as Time-Life 150. (49' 03")

AM 16. Claudio Monteverdi: Madrigals from Book IX: Zefiro torna, Come dolce oggi, Perchè se m'odiavi, Quando dentro al tuo seno, Alcun non mi consigli, Alle danze, Bel pastor, O mio bene, Si si ch'io v'amo, Di far sempre gioire, Non voglio amare, and Su su su pastorelli. Patricia Clark, Ursula Connors, Jean Allister, Edgar Fleet, Leslie Fyson, John Forst, with Roy Jesson and Harold Lester, harpsichords, conducted by DS. September 17, 1966. (51' 16")

AM 17 & 18. Henry Purcell: Trio Sonatas 1-12 (1683); Carl Pini & John Tunnell, violins; Anthony Pini, cello; Harold Lester, harpsichord. Henry Purcell: Music for the London Theatres: Distressed Innocence, Amphitryon, Abdelazer, Fairy Queen. Orchestra of the Accademia Monteverdiana, conducted by DS, September 21-22, 1967.

AM 19 & 20. Henry Purcell: Trio Sonatas 1-10 (1697), Suites Nos. 5 & 6, and Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord. Carl Pini, John Tunnell, Anthony Pini, Harold Lester. Recorded in the Donaldson Room of the Royal College of Music, July 15-16, 18, 20, 1967. With Grandi: Dixit dominus, O quan dulcis, Exaudi domine, Vulnerasti, O vos omnes, Ave regina, Jesu mi dulcissime, Plorabo die ac nocte. Vocal soloists with Elizabeth Perry, Krysia Osostowicz, Felic Schmidt, Leslie Pearson, the Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb), conducted by DS. September 4, 1975. (73' 45" and 73' 35")

AM 21. Henry Purcell: two odes: Now Does the Glorious Day Appear and Celestial Music. Patricia Clark, Tom Sutcliffe, Edgar Fleet, Roger Stalman, John Frost; Harold Lester and Olga Hegedus; Katharine Jeans and Michael Arno. AM Chorus and Strings. Leader, Ronald Thomas; conductor, DS. (45' 16")

AM 22. Monteverdi and His Contemporaries: O primavera, Ch'io t'ami, Io ardo si, Sfogava con le stelle, Luci serene e chiare, Ohime il bel viao, Zefiro torna (Monteverdi); Gioco di primiera (Striggio); Vezzosi augelli (Wert); Sfogava (F/S); Luci serene e chiare (Gesualdo); Vezzosette ninfe (Gastoldi). Ambrosian Consort, conducted by DS. August 25, 1967. Originally on Concert Hall, SMS 2580. (41' 09")

AM 23. Adrian Willaert: Zoia zentil, A l'aventure, Fantasia for viols, Dessus le marché d'Arras (two versions), O crux, Dulces exuviæ, Quando nascesti Amor, Fantasia for harpsichord, O dolce, Beata viscera. Ambrosian Singers; Harold Lester, harpsichord; Jaye Consort; conducted by DS. September 19-20, 1967. (44' 33")

AM 24. Harold Lester, harpsichord: works by Aston, Peerson, Byrd, Attaingnant, Frescobaldi, Couperin, Blow, and Dalza. The Jaye Consort: works by Ammerbach, Byrd, Tomkins, Arbeau, Scheidt, Gesualdo, Holborne, and anonymous composers. Francis Baines, Elizabeth Baines, Peter Vel, John Isaacs, Jane Ryan, with Desmond Dupré (lute). Both recorded in 1968. (68' 23")

AM 25. History of European Music, Vol 1, based on the first volume Historical Anthology of Music (HAM) by Archibald T. Davison and Willi Apel (Cambridge: Harvard, 1946). Performances of numbers 9a through 24 in that anthology. Schola Cantorum Londiniensis (Edgar Fleet), conducted by DS. August-September 1968. (3 tracks; 71' 23")

AM 26. History of European Music, Vol. 2. Performances of numbers 25a through 41 in HAM. Schola Cantorum Londiniensis, with Leslie Fyson, Geoffrey Shaw, John Frost, Gerald English, Francis Burgess, Christopher Keyte, Nigel Rogers, Ian Partridge, Edgar Fleet, Harold Lester, Jane Ryan. DS, music director. August-September 1968. (3 tracks; 69' 42")

AM 27. History of European Music, Vol. 3. Performances of numbers 42 through 59b in HAM. Ursula Connors, soprano; Shirley Minty, contralto; Mark Deller, counter-tenor; Edgar Fleet and Nigel Rogers (tenors); Peter Vel, Elizabeth Baines, and Jane Ryan (viols); Cecil James (bassoon); Chorus of the AM. DS, music director. August-September 1968. (3 tracks; 65' 47")

AM 28. History of European Music, Vol. 4. Performances of numbers 60 through 75 in HAM. Ursula Connors, soprano; Shirley Minty, contralto; Mark Deller, counter-tenor; Edgar Fleet, tenor; Peter Vel and Jane Ryan, viols; Sarah Francis, cor anglais; Cecil James, bassoon; Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb). Music Director, DS. August-September 1968. (3 tracks; 63' 24")

AM 29. Music of the Islands and of Canterbury Cathedral. Five of the 13 anonymous works are duplicated in AM 31. AM conducted by DS. 1968-69. (3 tracks; 58' 15")

AM 30. Giaches de Wert: Tis pyri pyr, Cara la vita mia, Misera! non credea, Fantasia, J'ai trouvé ce matin, Kyrie, Felice piume, Datemi pace, De que sirven, Donna tusei si bella, Vaghi boschetti, Ecco ch'un altra volta, In qual parte. Performed by soloists, Jaye Consort, and Ambrosian Singers conducted by DS. With music for strings by Etienne Nau, Gervaise, Purcell, Brade, and Bassano; AM String Orchestra conducted by DS. June 17 & 23-24, 1969. (66' 59")

AM 31. Dialogues and Dances. The former with Patricia Clark and Mary Thomas, sopranos; Shirley Minty and Jean Temperley, contraltos; Edgar Fleet and Leslie Fyson, tenors; John Frost and Christopher Keyte, basses; directed by DS. September 10 & 13, 1969. The dances are played by a trio consisting of Trevor Williams, violin; Joy Hall, cello, and Harold Lester, harpsichord; and by the Philip Jones Brass Ensemble. (69' 17")

AM 32. Pomponio Nenna: Mercè grido piangendo, Ah dispietata e cruda, L'Amoroso veleno, Signora io penso, Recercar, Deh! scoprite il bel seno, Asciugate i belli occhi, Ecco o dolce, La mia doglia s'avvanza, Lasso ch'io moro, S'ioi taccio, Ecco o mia dolce pena. With Carlo Gesualdo: Gagliarda a 4, In monte oliveti, Tristis est anima mea, Tenebræ factæ sunt. Performed by Patricia Clark, Ursula Connors, Hazel Holt, Shirley Minty, Edgar Fleet, Leslie Fyson, John Frost, the Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb), and the Jaye Consort of Viols, directed by DS. September 10-12, 1969. (40' 17")

AM 33. Music in Honour of St Thomas of Canterbury. Mark Deller and Geoffrey Mitchell, counter-tenors; Edgar Fleet and Nigel Rogers, tenors; John Noble and John Frost, basses; Francis Baines, hurdy-gurdy; Elizabeth Baines, alto viol; Jane Ryan, bass viol & bells; Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb). AM conducted by DS. Recorded in Canterbury Cathedral on July 6, 1970. (56' 17")

AM 34. Beethoven's Arrangements of Scottish and Irish Songs. Fourteen such, written between late 1809 and 1818. (Includes two that are found on AM 44.) Patricia Clark, Edgar Fleet, John Noble, Levon Chilingiran, Suki Towb, and Harold Lester. January 1, 4-6, 1971. (45' 06")

AM 35. Josquin des Pres: Missa, L'homme armé; Regina cæli, Absalon, Illibata dei virgo, Benedicte. The Josquin Choir of London, conducted by Jeremy Noble. Recorded in 1971 by Anthony Stevens in the Little Oratory in Brompton. (53' 19")

AM 36. Giovanni Gastoldi: Vezzosette ninfe, Tutti venite armati, Al piacer alla gioa, Al mormorar, O com'è gran martire, Alla caccia, Viva sempre scolpita, Scacciam l'antico sonno. With Cipriano de Rore: Cantiamo lieti, Dalle belle contrade, Hor che la ciel, Ancor che col partire, Altiero sasso, Quando lieta sperai, Pommi ove il sol occide, Datemi pace. Soloists, directed by DS. July 22, 1971. (55' 29")

AM 37. Nicolò Vicentino: Amor, ecco ch'io moro, L'aura che'l verde lauro, Poi che'l mio largo pianto, Poi che, Inudita pietà, Passa la nave mia, Canzon (La bella), Fiamma gentil, Heu mihi, domine. Soloists with the Jaye Consort conducted by DS. 1971. (42:35)

AM 38. Chansons d'Amour by Lassus, Monteverdi (Quell'augellin), Luzzaschi, Vicentino, H. Lawes, Haydn, Beethoven, Schumann, Brahms, and Bishop. With Heinrich Schütz: Itzt blikken, Die Erde trinkt für sich, Vier Hirtinnen, Liebster sagt. (July 19, 1972) And with Lassus: Susanne un jour, Quand mon mari, Bon jour mon coeur, Fuyons tous, Un dubbio verno, Or vi riconfortate, O occhi manza mia, Come lume di notte, S'io ti vedessi, Matona mia cara, Ein guter Wein. (August 27, 1971) The Accademia Consort, with Spareys and H. Lester, conducted by DS. (73' 20")

AM 39 & 40. Alessandro Scarlatti: Vespers of St Cecilia. Patricia Clark, Ursula Connors, Shirley Minty, Ian Partridge, John Noble, with Harold Lester (organ), the AM Choir & Orchestra, conducted by DS. (September 10, 1971) With The Liturgy of Santiago da Compostela. Keven Smith, counter-tenor; Edgar Fleet and Nigel Rogers, tenors; John Noble, baritone, Harold Lester (organ), and the Accademia Chorus conducted by DS. (70' 22" & 36' 18")

AM 41. Henry Purcell: Overture in g, They that go down to the sea, Chacony, Lord, who can tell, Three Parts on a Ground, My beloved spake. Paul Esswood, Edgar Fleet, Nigel Rogers, John Noble, Roger Stalman, AM Strings, Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb), conducted by DS. July 15, 1972. (44' 49")

AM 42. Henry Wood Promenade Concerts: August 1, 1972 & August 24, 1973. AM conducted by DS. (69' 36") (Due to copyright considerations, this CD is NOT available.)

AM 43. Henry Wood Promenade Concerts: August 22, 1974 (18th Season). A. Gabrieli: Ricercare a 4; G. Gabrieli: In ecclesiis benedicite domine; Willaert: Ricercare & Memento domine david; Ciconia: Venetia mundi splendor; C. de Monte: Plaude decus mundi; Lassus: Magnificat a 7; Josquin: La Spagna & Illibata dei virgo; Monteverdi: Gloria in excelsis. AM soloists, chorus, and orchestra, with the Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb), conducted by DS. (71' 59")

AM 44. The Worcester Fragments. Recording dedicated to the memory of Dom Anselm Hughes (1889-1974). Paul Esswood, countertenor; Edgar Fleet, Ian Partridge, and Nigel Rogers, tenors; John Noble, baritone, directed by DS. September 2, 1974. (40' 29")

AM 45. Beethoven's Arrangements of Songs in English. Twelve such, written between late 1809 and 1818. Vocal soloists with Peter Pettinger, piano; Elizabeth Perry and Krysia Osostowicz, violins; Felix Schmidt, cello. Directed by DS. September 2, 1975. (48' 04")

AM 46. Beethoven's Settings of English Folksongs. Twelve more such, written between late 1809 and 1818. (44' 44")

AM 47. Monteverdi Madrigals: Filli cara e amata, Crudel perchè mi fuggi, Vattene pur crudel, A un giro sol, T'amo mia vita, E così poco a poco, Hor che'l ciel e la terra, Non voglio amare, Qui rise O Tirsi. (1977-780 From Prom Concert 1967: Ballo movete, Piagne e sospira, Presso un fiume tranquillo. AM conducted by DS. (69' 43")

AM 48. John Gay/Christopher Pepusch: Songs from the "Beggar's Opera." Nigel Rogers, Angela Jenkins, Shirly Minty, Edgar Fleet, Margaret Cable, John Noble, Peter Hall, Vernon Midgley, Elizabeth Lane, Patricia Clark; Elizabeth Perry, violin; Sarah Francis, oboe; Peter Vel, cello; Leslie Pearson, harpsichord; Chorus and Orchestra of the AM, conducted by DS. August 19-21, 1978. (74' 25")

AM 49 & 50. Claudio Monteverdi: Christmas Vespers; with motets Ab æterno ordinata sum, Salve regina, Audi, cælum. Julie Kennard and Elisabeth Harrison, sopranos; Shirley Minty, contralto; Peter Hall and Edgar Fleet, tenors; David Wilson-Johnson, baritone; Roderick Earle, bass. Chorus and Orchestra of the AM (Robert Masters); Peter Beavan, cello continuo; Leslie Pearson, organ; conducted by DS. September 22-23, 1979. (59' 50" & 50' 58")

AM 51. Early Music for Christmas. Julie Kennard, soprano; Martin Warr, treble; Shirley Minty, contralto; Paul Esswood and Ashley Stafford, counter-tenors, Ian Partridge, Peter Hall, and Edgar Fleet, tenors; Michael George, baritone, Roderick Earle, bass; Leslie Pearson, organ; Enmsemble of Early Instruments; Trinity Boys' Choir (David Squibb); Chorus of the AM (Edgar Fleet); English Chamber Orchestra. Conducted by DS. July 19-20 & 26-27, 1980. (57' 18")

AM 52. Monteverdi: Selva Morale e Spirituale: Gloria, Laudate Dominum, Christe Redemptor, Ab æterno, Audi cælum, Magnificat. AM conducted by DS. 1997. (64:38")