Recordings on Compact Discs

Performances by the Schola Antiqua on CDs

The following CDs by the Schola Antiqua, under the direction of R. John Blackley, are available. They may be ordered through e-mail, and paid for by check made out to Schola Antiqua and mailed to R. John Blackley, 407 Spring Valley Road, Lexington, Virginia 24450. (Telephone: 540-464-1195.)

CD albums SA 1 through SA 4 have been made from commercial recordings...

SA 1 (2 CDs). Plainchant & Polyphony from Medieval Germany (formerly Nonesuch LP H- 71312), with A Guide to Gregorian Chant (formerly Vanguard LP VSD-71217), and with Tenth-Century Liturgical Chant in Proportional Rhythm (formerly Nonesuch LP H-71348). Accompanied by a 44-page booklet, including notes, texts, translations, and a dictionary. $30, including postage.

SA 2 (1 CD). Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm: Propers for the Mass of Holy Thursday (conducted by Barbara Katherine Jones) and the Liturgy of Good Friday (formerly L’Oiseau-Lyre 417 324-2 OH). $15, including postage.

SA 3 (1 CD). Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm: Propers for Palm Sunday (formerly L’Oiseau-Lyre 448 606-2 OH). $15, including postage.

SA 4 (1 CD). Music for Holy Week in Proportional Rhythm: Propers for the Paschal Vigil; Easter Pre-Mass Processional Chants; Paschal Vigil Play (from MS Engelberg 314, in equalist rhythm; formerly L’Oiseau-Lyre 448 607-2 OH). $15, including postage.

Please note: if SA 2, 3, and 4 are ordered together, the cost is $40, including postage and a 24-page booklet of texts and translations.

The following CD albums have been made from tape recordings of concerts...

SA 5 (2 CDs) Carolingian to Gothic: A New Song. The first CD contains the chant Mass Propers in proportional rhythm for Easter, the Requiem, and Pentecost [three pieces]; the second contains a long chant by Hildegard von Bingen, the Paschal Vigil Play from MS Engelberg 314, and seven early polyphonic pieces. Performance at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, July 24, 1988. These CDs have not been edited, so there are the usual pauses and applauses—but I think it was the very best singing the Schola Antiqua ever did, and the works themselves are masterpieces. $20, including postage.

SA 6 (1 CD) Sponsus, from the 11th-century MS St. Martial 1096; Visitatio sepulchri and Perigrinus from the 12th-century Fleury Playbook. Performance at the Purcell Room, South Bank, London, July 26, 1988. The transcriptions and rhythmicizations are the Schola’s own, and they really seem to “work.” $15, including a 16-page booklet of texts and translations, and postage.

SA 7 (1 CD) Schola Antiqua in Soissons. Chant Mass Propers in proportional rhythm for Advent I and Christmas I and II. Performance of September 16, 1986. Contains also an excerpt from Walafrid Strabo’s responsorial hymn Omnipotentem semper adorent from the c. 870 bifolio flyleaf in MS Laon 266, and three other pieces, including the two-part Lobsang von Simeon by Jan W. A. Vollaerts. $15.

SA 8 (1 CD) Schola Antiqua in Laon. The Good Friday Liturgy in proportional-rhythm chant, from a performance given September 18, 1986. Includes a lecture by RJB with musical illustrations by the Schola, intended for broadcast by the BBC in 1983. $15, including postage.

SA 9 (1 CD) Schola Antiqua in Utrecht. Chant Mass Propers in proportional rhythm for the Ascension (conducted by Barbara Katherine Jones) and for Pentecost, with the Advent Offertory Ave maria. Recorded at a performance in the Augustinuskirk on September 1, 1984. Includes a Radio Netherlands interview with RJB from that time.